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Pickup lines page 2

• Hey I am a wrestler, let me take you down.

• Hey, baby, wanna lock crotches and swap gravy? 
• Hi, do you want to have my children? (assuming the answer is 'no'), OK then, can we just practice? 
• Hi, I'm a tawdry slut looking for a good time.
• Hi, my name is {name}, I like peanut butter, wanna fuck? 
• Hi, wanna fuck? (No!) Mind lying down while I do?
• I am a magical being, take off your bra.
• I love you. I want to marry you. Now fuck my brains out. 
• Hi, I'm not trying to pressure you, I don't want to have sex without mutual consent; and by the way, you have my consent.

• Go up to a someone at a bar or a dance and ask her: do you want a fuck... (wait for a second gauging her reaction)...ing drink?

• I miss my teddy bear. Would you sleep with me?
• I must expel some seminal fluid. May I use your body? 
• I think we have to make love on the front lawn like crazed weasels NOW!

• I wanna put my thingy into your thingy.

• I want to thank you for [insert any event here], grab your ankles bitch!
• I'd like to tie you to a rafter and fuck you up and down.

• I'd love to swap bodily fluids with you.

• I'm gonna have sex with you tonight so, you might as well be there.
• If it's true that we are what we eat, then I could be you by morning.
• Let's bypass all the bullshit and just get naked.

• Let's go to my place and do the things I'll tell everyone we did anyway.

• My name's [your name], but you can call me "lover."
• My name's [your name]That's so you know what to scream.
• Nice shoes, wanna fuck?
• Nice socks. Can I try them on after we have sex?
• Nice tits. Mind if I feel them? 
• Oh, you're a bird watcher....(Whip out your unit and ask) Well, would you take this for a swallow? 
• Sex is a killer...want to die happy? 
• Take an ice cube to the bar, smash it, and say, "Now that I've broken the ice, will you sleep with me?"
• Since we shouldn't waste this day and age what you say we use these condoms in my pocket before they expire.

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